RotJ BOBA FETT Jetpack / Star Wars / Return of the Jedi / Boba cosplay

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3d printed Jet pack in style of the one Boba Fett is wearing in Return of the Jedi.
Printed with high quality PLA+ to give you a stable and reliable feeling for your cosplay.
Size is around  "53 x 75 x 13,3 cm" or "20,8 x 29,5 x 5,2 inch" (with thrusters)


-) Raw 3D print (3d printed DIY Kit, comes in parts, assembling+preparing+painting has to be done by yourself)

-) Fully finished "Boba RotJ" (cleaned up, patched up with filler, sanded and painted like "Return of the Jedi" Boba Jetpack!)


All rights reserved by LucasFilm and all credits for this files comes to this company and I have nothing in common with them.