Cobb Vanth Jetpack Mando:Season 2 / Star Wars / The Mandalorian / The Marshall

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This jetpack will get the same over-hauled model as used for the RotJ or Boba M:S2 one soon!

Paint-Job will be updated as well to be more accurate.


3d printed Jet pack "Cobb Vanth" (damaged style from "Mando:S2")!
Printed with high quality PLA+ to give you a stable and reliable feeling for your cosplay.
Size is around  "52 x 62 x 13,3 cm" (with thrusters)!


-) Raw 3D print (3d printed DIY Kit, comes in parts, assembling+preparing+painting has to be done by yourself)

-) Fully finished "Boba Mandalorian:S2" (cleaned up, patched up with filler, sanded and painted like the "Mandalorian:Season 2" Cobb Vanth jetpack!)



All rights reserved by LucasFilm and all credits for this files comes to this company and I have nothing in common with them.