Cobb Vanth armor / Boba Fett Post-sarlacc Mandalorian Season 2 armor / The Mandalorian

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This listing is ONLY for the hard parts of the armor.

Included in the armor are:
-) Helmet
-) Chest armor back armor
-) Shoulder armor
-) Back armor
-) Forearm armor (L+R side)
-) 1* Knee (as he is missing one from the Sarlacc!)
-) Collar

Available in following finishes:

-) "Raw cast" = 3d printed armor kit + resin casted helmet kit (printed in parts, assembling and preparing has to be done by yourself. this kit needs work! Visor, velcro, magnets,...NOT included as this is a raw kit)

-) Fini. without helmet (everything finished and ready to wear! Painted in Mando:S2 style! WITHOUT the helmet)

-) Fully finished (as seen in Mandalorian Season 2  on Cobb Vanth and Boba after he re-armores himself // everything finished and ready to wear! Painted as seen in Mando:S2 style, heavily damaged-style, comes with VELCRO and everthing else needed to attach to body)

Extras to add:

-) Tactical padding

-) Vanguard "jetpack hose"

-) jetpack (either Cobb Vanths or Bobas Blaster)

-) Blaster (either Cobb Vanths or Bobas Blaster)


Please specify if you are going for Cobb Vanth or Boba post-sarlacc so you get the right blaster and the right jetpack :)

Each item is custom made to fit right! Accurate measurements are needed to scale the items.


---- Legal notice ---

** This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art. It got printed, casted, assembled and painted by me. **

** Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not 100% guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only. Due printer failures and used time to finish your product exatly it can be delayed a few days! **