Cobb Vanth armor / Boba Fett Post-sarlacc Mandalorian Season 2 armor / The Mandalorian

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BOBA FETT armor set or Cobb Vanth armor set.
We are trying to replicate the texture and the damage as seen in the tv-show. Acid damage on the armor and helmet.

When ordering please specify if you are going for "Cobb Vanth" or "Boba Fett post-sarlacc" as that changes the look of the available blaster and the available jetpack!

Included in the armor are:
-) Helmet
-) Chest armor + back armor
-) Shoulder armor
-) Forearm armor (L+R side)
-) Knees
-) Collar

Available in following finishes:

-) "Raw cast" = 3d printed armor kit + resin casted helmet kit (printed in parts, assembling and preparing has to be done by yourself. this kit needs work! Visor, velcro, magnets,...NOT included as this is a raw kit)

-) Fini. without helmet (everything finished and ready to wear! Painted in Mando:S2 style! WITHOUT the helmet)

-) Fully finished (as seen in Mandalorian Season 2  on Cobb Vanth and Boba after he re-armores himself // everything finished and ready to wear! Painted as seen in Mando:S2 style, heavily damaged-style, comes with VELCRO and everthing else needed to attach to body)

Extras to add:

-) Vanguard "jetpack hose"

-) Jetpack (finished as seen in the Mandalorian Season 2, updated model, different painting style, patch)

-> Cobb Vanth (with short rocket)
-> Boba Fett "post-sarlacc" (with long rocket)



Depending on which extras are getting purchased the order will be split in several packages to reduce the risk of damage that the parts could do to each other.

For instance:

Armor + helmet -> 2 packages
Armor + helmet + rifle -> 3 packages

There can be different shipping days for the individual packages. Please keep that in mind.

---- Legal notice ---

** This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art. It got printed, casted, assembled and painted by me. **

** Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not 100% guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only. Due printer failures and used time to finish your product exatly it can be delayed a few days! **