CLONE TROOPER HELMET Specialist Phase 2 macrobinoculars / Commander Bly / Star Wars helmet / Clone Wars helmet / different styles available

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Clone Trooper helmet with moveable macrobinoculars. Clone Trooper Specialist or Commander Bly.

Work in Progress.
First prototype is finished and the paint jobs will be released gradually with their macrobinoculars over the next weeks.

Important information to the available options:

- Fully finished
This one comes absolutely finished in the color pattern you choose. There is no further work (sanding, painting) needed and its <ready-to-wear>!
You only have to mount two screws for the macrobinoculars.

Information about the helmet:

- everything hand-made (casting, painting,..)
- high-impact resistant resin casts
- tinted plastic visor (see-through like sun-glasses, high visibility from inside)
- professional hand-painting, every helmet is unique
- high surface detailing
- either "clean" or "weathered" finish

Size / weight information:

- the helmet is designed to look as close to the original as possible
- helmet consists of around 1,2kg of material (which gives a good feeling but isnt to heavy on the neck)

Custom designs:

We are open for custom designs too. Just message us with your idea or a picture!

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