Boba Fett armor set ROTJ / Star Wars Return of the Jedi / Boba Fett armor

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Boba Fett RotJ armor!
This listing is ONLY for the hard parts of the armor! Please read carefully and consider this!

We are offering different versions of the Boba Fett armor kit. Raw printed, Finishished without the helmet and the complete set (armor and helmet). On top of that its possible to purchase extras to the base-set.

Included in the armor are:
-) Helmet with moveable Rangefinder (removeable with magnets!)
-) L+R chest
-) Chest Diamond
-) ABS
-) Shoulder armor (L+R)
-) Forearm armor (L+R side)
-) CoD
-) Knees
-) Collar

Available in following finishes:

-) Fini. without helmet:
everything finished and ready to wear! Painted in RotJ style! WITHOUT the helmet

-) Fully finished "Boba Fett" as seen in Return of the Jedi:
all armor parts come prepared and painted and are <ready to use> to. Details below!
Painted in RotJ!
Comes with VELCRO and/or flexible band to attach to the body! WITH helmet!

Extras to add:

-) Vanguard "jetpack hose"

-) Jetpack (finished RotJ style)

Measurements? Attaching?

Each item is custom made to fit right! Accurate measurements are needed to scale the items.

Details 1:
We are using "industrial velcro" (and for the knees flexible band) that is attached on the backside of our armor plates and include the "counter-side" to the velcro in the package. You will have to either glue or sew the counter-part to your own soft-parts yourself. The set comes completely painted and prepared as far as possible but there is still work that needs to get done (mounting the parts, fixing it to your soft parts, …) like with every cosplay item!



Depending on which extras are getting purchased the order will be split in several packages to reduce the risk of damage that the parts could do to each other.

For instance:

Armor + helmet -> 2 packages
Armor + helmet + rifle -> 3 packages

There can be different shipping days for the individual packages. Please keep that in mind.

Details 2:

For shipment and exchanging RF ->

The right ear uses neodym magnets for assembling - with that the Rangefinder is always removeable for easier transport.
The upper right ear has to get mounted to the helmet -either by glue or small screws (not included).
This is not done in case you want to change the "stalk" yourself for a metal one (metal stalk of course not included!)


---- Legal notice ---

** This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art.. It got printed, casted, assembled and painted by me. **

** Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not 100% guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only. Due printer failures and used time to finish your product exatly it can be delayed a few days! **