Bo Katan Helmet Live-Action version Mandalorian Season 2 / Star Wars helmet / Cosplay helmet / Nite Owl helmet / Mandalorian Helmet

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Resin casted Bo Katan Helmet (Live Action version) as seen in The Mandalorian. Resin casted to give you a stable and reliable feeling for your cosplay. Way more durable than a 3d print.


-) Raw resin cast:
The helmet has an already smoothed surface. You only need to primer the surface and you are ready to paint it yourself!

-) Fully finished
This version is completely finished. Casted out of durable resin resin and completely painted in style of the helmet that Bo Katan is wearing in The Mandalorian.

Helmet gets casted out of durable resin and is finished with high quality paints as accurate as possible.
The finished helmets comes with the visor installed and a "baseline" of padding for more comfort while wearing.


---- Legal notice ---

** This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art. It got printed, casted, assembled and painted by me. **

** Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not 100% guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only. Due printer failures and used time to finish your product exatly it can be delayed a few days! **