332nd Company Ahsoka Phase 2 Damaged ANIMATED TCW / Star Wars / Clone Wars Phase 2 Helmet

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Resin casted Ahsoka Clone Trooper Star Wars Helmet 332nd Company helmet from Star Wars. Resin casted to give you a stable and reliable feeling for your cosplay. Way more durable than a 3d print.

Fully finished "Ahsoka"
This version is completely finished. Casted out of durable resin resin and completely painted in style of an Ahsoka ARC Phase 2 TCW. No more addional work needed!


---- Legal notice ---

** This is not yet an officially licensed product and is only considered Fan Art. It got printed, casted, assembled and painted by me. **

** Due to custom nature of the product, ETA dates are not 100% guaranteed and should be considered as guidance only. Due printer failures and used time to finish your product exatly it can be delayed a few days! **